The SnowRESolution Project Details

The main proponent of the SnowRESolution project is NeveXN Srl.
NeveXN was founded in 2011 following the successful participation of Francesco Besana - an expert in solar cooling - and two partners - Anna Vanzo and Fabiano Maturi - in the D2T start-cup competition. This team of entrepreneurs won the first prize as a money grant which enabled them to establish the Company and pursue the SnowRESolution concept.
In October 2016 NeveXN secured an investment from Demaclenko Srl, an important player on the ski industry, which makes part of the LEITNER GROUP.
In November 2016 NeveXN was rewarded by the European Community financial grant.
Our main objectives are to complete the engineering, industrialisation and commercialization of the snow-machine in order to meet the ski world requirements.
Our main demo-site is in Fiemme Valley: our great ambition is to supply snow for the international ski-race Marcialonga with biomass energy sources.